Inside creepy abandoned mansion on Billionaire’s Row where angry voices can be heard

A unwanted mansion on London’s Billionaires’ Row which is home to some of the world’s most wealthy people lies abandoned and untouched for a decade.

A group of explorers ventured to plush Bishop’s Avenue in north London, a street which has homed celebrities such as Justin Bieber.

TikToker Gabriella Burt, 20, set up a page where she films a series of her dragging her friends to weird and random activities.

This Georgian mansion which was built around the 1970s was featured in this series when Gabriella and a group of her friends went to explore it, the mansion has been abandoned for over a decade.

Gabriella, who grew up in Shanghai, China, now studies at University College London.

She says the stunning property has links to the Saudi Royal family who were rumoured to have bought the house during the Gulf war.

The inspiration came from a an online forum called 28 days later, which is an urban exploring website and also a YouTube documentary about the famous Row and its abandoned houses.

After posting the video to the Tiktok page, it went viral – and Gabriella has been contacted by the Urban exploring community offering tips and places to go and explore.

Gabriella said: “This abandoned mansion has some amazing architecture and also some great features inside that we were able to explore, the basement has a pool area and a bar, there was also a balcony.

“We’ve actually been to this location twice, the first time was very nerve wracking as whilst we were inside the building we started to hear voices and the sounds of breaking glass, the voices sounded slurred and angry, we managed to get away before they could see us.

“We assumed that homeless people may have been using the abandoned mansion as shelter.

“The reaction online was crazy, I really didn’t expect it to blow up like it did.

“It was just a part of a series of me dragging my friends to alternative events as clubbing and drinking in bars isn’t really my scene.”

Since this video went viral on Tiktok the group have been contacted by the Urban exploring community, giving them ideas on where to go next, many people have been asking for the exact location but the rules of the community state that you can only give a rough location so that people can find it for themselves.

Gabriella said: “When the weather gets a bit cooler we’ve got a few ideas there’s an abandoned hospital in Peckham that I have been told about.

“I’ve not looked into it as of yet but that could be the next destination.

“It’s been really nice to hear from the community, the abandoned mansion is located on Bishop Avenue, Finchley, but other than that I can’t give any information out.

“The series of me dragging my friends to different activities is just something I’ve always done, instead of going clubbing and drinking in bars we’ve started going to night markets which only open in the early hours of the morning which not many people know about.”